18 June 2009



I have been finished my studies for the semester for almost a week now, but I still feel a bit burnt out from it all. I am hoping to get back inot some comics on the weekend. In the meantime I thought I would post this picture of Spiderman that I did. I inked it with and sharpie marker and coloured it in Photoshop. I have done a few superhero images lately and even had the urge to do a Peter Bagge or Daniel Clowes type superhero story.

I also wanted to ask for advice. I draw 95% of my comics in my sketchbook. The main reasons being that I do not have a drawing board and I like to draw out and about. But when it comes time to scan the comics I have problems with the spiral spine lifting the artwork a fraction off the screen, anf thus not producing the best copy possible. What I need to do is cut out the pages as I finish them or to not draw in my book.
Any suggestions?


Jeope said...

get a slightly larger sketchbook, and keep your drawings away from the spine, nearer the outer edge, maybe?

Usually I end up cutting them out. Hardly practicing what I preach, I suppose.

awcomix said...

I've been looking for a bigger one and haven't found it yet (plus I'm still working my way through this stash of smaller books I have)

The primary artwork is the copy of the artwork and not the original, therefore cutting would be best at this stage, *GULP*

DaveMahler said...

i have the same problem...i just leave the scanner lid open and push the book down around the spine while it scans. basic, but it works...

Colin Tedford said...

When I draw comics in spiral-bound sketchbooks I usually just tear the pages out by hand and trim off the crinkly bit on a papercutter for neater storage. You could also just stick some looseleaf paper or bristol in your sketchbook to carry around, or do the same with a clipboard. Another option (pricier) would be to get a Rollabind (or equivalent) punch & make your own disc-bound sketchbooks.