21 June 2009

Emerging writers zine fair 2009

I wanted to do a little write up of the Emerging writers zine fair I went to in Melbourne almost one month ago. I was fairly busy at the time but I realised that this may be the only zine fair type thing I could attend this year. Initially I was going to share a table with fellow comicer Ive Sorocuk, but upon arrival the space was no longer available. Add to this that I was running late and the fair was in full swing at this stage. I roamed around a little bit and ran into Mandy Ord and she kindly offered me a space next to her.

The fair seemed quieter than usual and I wondered if the event had been publicised all that well, seeing how I only found out about a week before hand.
Even though business seemed slow, at the end of the day I sold around $20-30 worth of books which was enough to pay for my train and lunch. The big hit of the day were some badges I had, Mandy's stickers seemed to be very popular too. I think people like those little token things like stickers badges and cards.

I was more proactive at this event making sure to interact with people walking by rather than just sitting there and giving awkward smiles. I find it hard to know what is the best approach at these things.
One person who bought one of my books told me she was a fan and had seen my work in other places. It was really great to hear and it is moments like those that remind you that all the little things you do add up some how, and at least maybe one person knows about it. It really made my day.

I could not find any photos of the day, anyone have any?

Speaking of markets John Retallick is sitting a stall at the new Northcote market. It's on the third Saturday of every month based at the Northcote Uniting Church in High St. From what I understand he is selling a range of Australian comics.

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