3 July 2009

Harold cake


I am really lucky that I did not get a cold all through the end of the semester when assignments and exams were happening. This cold did not come with the usual headaches and pains just a super dripping nose that required a constant supply of tissues and immense sinus pressure, which I do not handle well.
Thanks for the feedback on the strips I think this new format is a winner!

I have also recently switched back to using my macs native browser Safari. I love firefox usually but I was running into so many problems when posting to blogger pages would just not load and I would have to refresh them a few times. Safari however seems to be working like a charm.


Lumpen said...

Just thought I'd chime in and say I liked this piece and the new format.

Freckled Sparrow said...

Yeah, I like it too! Seems like colds are going around. Chris has a nasty one right now too.

Matt said...

Glad you're feeling better... and that birthday cake looks bitchin'. My older son (he's 3) would love it.

David Ano said...

Gosh how time is flying. It seemed like just yesterday I read your journal post saying he was being born. How old is Elliott now?

DaveMahler said...

hmmm, Im having some firefox problems too...mind you, safari scares me :(
loving the new format, btw! looks like it's working well!

awcomix said...

Thanks all for your insights into the new format!