9 July 2009

The real B-Day

There has been a lot of costs with Heather trip so we found ourselves a little short, plus all the birthday expenses.

It is hard to say what was my favourite of all Elliott's cakes. First we had the Thomas cake which has an edible icing picture of Thomas, with a new Harold the Helicopter on top (Mudcake), second was the 'Construction cake' which was basically a mud cake again with chocolate sultanas and broken up Crunchie bars on top with two 'little people' construction men, third was four plain jam donuts that I iced and put a freddo frog on top.
Elliott probably liked the first one best, the second was the most decadent, but I have to say I was impressed with the simplicity of the donut cake. I was so impressed I think I will be constructing something similar for my cake next year.


Matt said...

Three cakes for one birthday?! Your boy is livin' large! The doughnut "cake" is an awesome idea, by the way.

awcomix said...

The idea came to me in the supermarket, I didn't want to have a whole cake again, and saw these plain jam donuts, eureka!

Jeope said...

Happy birthday, Mr. E!

That's an awful big man you've got there these days. Hard to believe.

John said...

Sweet cakes. But how are you going to top it next year? (And I don't mean that literally)