1 August 2009

Help with my project

I am working on a project for my library course. I would like to know more about the quality of various networking/sharing type sites. I could join everyone and try them all out but I figure a lot of people reading this blog may have experience already. I have had experience with some but I want to know what others people are using.

I am talking about sites like (But not limited to)








I am looking for the site that can best share your favourite images. I do not want to have to right click and save then upload. I want to be able to either copy the URL or click a button in a browser add on or something. Tags could be helpful too.


Or alternatively does anyone use software that does a similar thing but stores and sorts images on your own hardrive for future reference, shareware would be preferred, Mac and or PC.


So leave a comment or shoot me an email on your thoughts and experiences.


Tim Norton said...

check out Tumblr. I have heard it's the best for photo-based blogging/sharing.

awcomix said...

Thanks Tim, I was having a look earlier and it did look good. The only thing is that share options (like the one under this post) don't include tumblr, I'm not sure why. I haven't quite figured out how to use it the way I'm thinking of yet.
Will note one tick for Tumblr though ;)

Unknown said...

I use Tumblr the most because it presents things so well (customized themes etc) there is a community, and is very quick with the bookmarklet. I've also recently discovered vi,sualize.us, but haven't got the full measure of that one. I do use Digg and Delicious, but more for straight bookmarking. Don't know the rest.

awcomix said...

Thanks for the tips burning fence post! I looked up vi.sualize.us and it look pretty much exactly what I was thinking about. So I'll give them a go.
I thought tumblr was more like that too, but I can't seem to find any tutorials or help in making image posting easier; I don't want to right click save as then upload again, too many steps.
Also that google picassa thing was looking promising as you can actually download the program and use it to sort and store images and then also back it up online. Unfortunately I have a PPC mac which isn't compatible.
One of the other problems I'm facing is that I've just switched back to using safari as my browser and a lot of the plugin and extensions are for firefox.
But I'm mostly conducting the research to come up with solutions for Art students to best make their own visual databases.