5 August 2009

Image management


Here are some conclusions I came to about the use of social tagging for images. They rank from not recommended, to good, to fantastic, respectively.


Forgive me if I am wrong but I could not figure out what tumblr was all about. I was expecting that it would let you repost images you like with one click of a toolbar button or some such, but it seems you just have to ‘save as’, then upload. There was not much help on the site and I could not find much elsewhere in regards to tumblr. I am guessing you can get a lot of things for it with firefox.


I was actually impressed with this one. It was kind of what I was thinking of when I first set out to research this area. I was able to download a button for my safari tool bar and with one click I can have the option to post to my account; Once I have added tags.

The only draw back is that it’s only for reposting, there is no upload option. Which is actually not a big deal.


This was a pleasant surprise. A nifty free program to collect and store your images with all the features you would expect, tagging easy searching etc. You can even upload to your own online album. The only problem is that the Mac version does not work on my PPC Mac, the beta release is only for intel based Macs

The main reason for looking into this was based around the idea of what would work best for a Visual Art student to store, sort and share their images. In short, what would be the best way to make your very own digital visual morgue. I do not think this idea strikes most people, as most would just say they will just look up an image again if needed, the whole internet is one big morgue right? That may be true but it is still kind of cool to collect your favourite images in some way.

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