31 July 2009


I have been discussing with students this week about the types of shots you can use in comic panels. The language of this is taken directly from film directing terms. Whilst there are a lot of direct links between comics and film, they remain uniquely different also.

Here is a list of types of shots, each have their own place to provide meaning to the viewer.

  • Extreme close-up
  • Close-up
  • Medium close-up
  • Medium shot
  • Full (figure)
  • Medium wide
  • Wide
  • Extreme wide (or distant)
  • This was taken from here which goes into more detail.
    Will Eisner's books also have some useful information about framing shots and choosing shots.


    Ive said...

    There's a video class in the course I am in and knowing comics really helps a lot as there's so much crossover. I seem to be the only one not struggling with the point of action and leaving speaking room in frame.

    awcomix said...

    I've always been a big movie nut so this stuff has been second nature to me for a long time. High school media class and studying comics probably helps a lot too.
    I think that the distance you show the figure says something about how close you are theoretically to that person, ie, if the face fills up the whole frame then the character is either about to snog you or they're screaming in your face.