27 August 2009


I needed to get cracking on my Tango submission. I realised that I needed to stop working off the kitchen table, especially since the Tango comic is done on paper outside of my sketch book. It feels good to have a comic drawing space again. Note, the above photo was taken on my phone which is why it looks like the room is underwater.
I also got a comic into next months Trouble magazine! WHOOP!


Matt said...

I like it. It's very simple and no-frills; you must not get distracted very easily.

If you're interested, I read a book called "Studio Space" (it's probably on Amazon) that details the work spaces and techniques of thirty comic book artists. Very interesting.

awcomix said...

It's a very simple setup for now, it's just good to have somewhere to leave pages while they're being worked on.

The book sounds great, will look it up!