9 September 2009

Toilet break



Matt said...

Today must be a good day for toilet comics (I posted one on my site, too). Very funny!

When my wife was pregnant we figured out where pretty much every bathroom in our town was located. You gotta do some more recon, man. :)

Colin Tedford said...

Maybe it's not a new quality in your comics (haven't looked in recently), but I like the line weight in this - not super fat, but solid (but not clinically clean). Havign trouble verbalizing it, but nice feel.

Also - I can't believe that woman cut you off!

awcomix said...

Hi Colin, good observation. It's probably due to two factors,
1-I've posted at a larger size than usual (perhaps even larger than the original
2-It was intended for a publication, so my inking was perhaps tighter than usual