6 October 2009

Not fun

can't sleep

This has been happening to me more than I would like lately. I put it down to not drawing enough and not having enough down time.

I have been studying web 2.0 in depth this past week, now I feel all self conscious blogging, how does this blog thing work again?


John said...

I have this problem too.

Matt said...

Not me, man. Because of my job, I only sleep about 4 hours a night so, when I lay down, I'm out. Fast. I hope your insomnia goes away soon. Great comic!

Tim Norton said...

you keep posting bits and pieces about your life, several hundred people read it and only a few make themselves known by commenting. its the circle of life, in blog format.

awcomix said...

@tim, thanks for coming out from the bushes!
The other night I lay down and thought, I'm glad I haven't had one of those thoughts in a few nights, then BANG I started thinking about it again!