10 October 2009

Preview of my next comic

Here is a sample page from the comic I hope to put out by the end of this year. I have been working with Mark Selan or Sureshot comics in editing the overall story. Early on in the story of the comic some elements just did not flow right. I was happy with how they were drawn for the most part although a lot of the text had to be rewritten to flow better.

I devised a solution for editing the work without having to redraw the whole thing again. I decided to use the method of printing the artwork in blue line (I erased the content of panels I was redrawing completely before printing) and then re-lettering where needed. I took out some redundant panels and tried to add new panels that gave more flow to the storyline. I could not help myself redraw my head in some of the panels as my style had changed slightly and I wanted the character to remain more consistent.


Matt said...

Very interesting post... I love seeing how other artists create and revise their work. Will this comic be posted here or released in physical form? Good luck.

awcomix said...

This will be for my next print comic. It should be around 50 pages in length. This was the first time that I had done this kind of editing. I think it worked really well.