18 October 2009


I watched a video on synesthesia the other day (care of bOINGbOING) I have seen another documentary on it years ago which was longer and more informative. The synesthesia described in this video though seemed to be a lot simpler than the previous documentary I watched. This recent video said that you have synesthesia when you associate letters or numbers with colours, which I just thought was normal. I have particularity strong associations with the days of the week which I thought I would share here,


These are approximations of the colours I associate with certain days. I could probably fine tune it if I was to use the colour picker in Photoshop.


Colin Tedford said...


Yeah, I'm pretty sure synesthesia is a lot broader than just the letter-number-color variety - I think it covers anything where two senses get sort of mixed, ie tasting chocolate when you see yellow, seeing colors when you hear sounds, etc. (of course, sometimes these are temporary, as with people using hallucinogens). Funny, someone else in my life brought up the letter variety recently, though.

Here's wikipedia on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia

DaveMahler said...

yeah, I group the letters into colour groups, but I'm pretty sure it's just...normal. or something. I doubt it's synesthesia for me.

Sarah McNeil said...

I can't believe your days are these colours. They would drive me crazy! Mine are:
Tuesday: Light Blue
Wednesday: Red
Thusday: Dark Green
Friday: Dark Blue
Saturday: Nothing or black
Sunday: Nothing or white

I could probably deal with the blue of your Friday, if I had to. But light green Wednesdays?!