20 November 2009

Australian comics wiki HAYASE!

I just found out about this Australian comics wiki. I think it would be great if comic readers/makers in Australia started heavily editing this wiki and giving it such things as, comprehensive listings of Australian comic artists, where to get supplies, and what libraries have good comic collections.
You can find the wiki here,

I have had bad experiences with wikipedia when it comes to independent comic entries as most of the editors would delete that kind of information on site for what ever reason. Hayase could be a great alternative wiki for Australian comic artists. If you think you have something to add, then head on over and sign up for an account.

I have also made an offer for a free package of digital comics for those who want to join in on a test I am conducting. You need to have an iPhone or iPod touch to join in.

1 comment:

Ian T. said...

This is a great resource, if only we could get more people adding to it!