26 January 2010


I am still getting a kick out of editing the Australian comics wiki HAYASE which is probably linked to the library course I completed last year. Before this however I had been intimidated editing wikis fearing I would get it wrong or step on someones toes. I thought I would compile a few tips for the beginner to hopefully demystify the whole thing
For starters anyone can edit pages you just have to sign up first, this is so moderators can keep track of who has done what changes.
It helps to make yourself familiar with the 'Formatting' page found in the 'Help' link in the sidebar. This tells you how to mark up to achieve things like bold, headings or bullet points etc.

Another help page in the 'Help' section is the page on 'Links', although you can get by without looking at it as regular 'http' type links work as hypelinks automatically without formatting.

Then lastly log in every now and again and check out the recent changes page, also in the side bar. this will tell you what changes have been made recently and by whom. Looking at this may give you ideas of things that you want to add or you may have information relating to the new content.

So don't be afraid to play around with it, you can't break it or muck it up irrevocably!

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