24 April 2010

Comics master class

I just spent the week hanging out at the Wheeler centre in Melbourne with 10 other comic artists attending a comics master class with Dylan Horrocks of 'Hicksville' fame.
As soon as I heard about this I knew I had to attend, and luckily I was able to get my classes covered for the week.
I went generally because it was a comics master class, but more specifically I wanted to fill in some missing pieces I felt I had when it came to developing larger projects. I am happy to say the week was well spent and it was everything and more I had hoped it would be. This is not to say it was all fun, as it was hard work and extremely confronting in a lot of ways. The easiest way I can explain this is that your are surrounded by a heap of extremely talented comic artists which is intimidating in itself, then we discussed our hopes and fears connected to comic making. So you can imagine it brought up a lot of emotions for people.
I accidentally mentioned that I was not a big fan of wordless comics, which infuriated Chris Downes and every time the subject came up people gave me a sideways glance and a smirk!

Photo's to come


get in here said...

SHIT, I'd love to do a course like that! But I think i'd need like a Comics Beginners class first. Looking forward to seeing your pictures..

Matt said...

You don't want to cross that Downes fella. I'd watch your back, man ;)