9 April 2010


Looks like my computer has packed it in, and just a day or so after I bought a new external hard drive and backed everything up with time machine. You could say that is the real silver lining of the whole thing. Although I am now left without a computer (I'm updating this from Heather's Dad's computer which will be gone in three days)
Maybe I shouldn't get ahead of myself as I haven't had the computer looked at officially yet, but usually these thing require repairs that cost half as much as a new computer, so I'm not holding out for that option.
I'll be posting less here until I can sort out a new (or close to new) system which could be a few months away at this stage. I wish 'kickstarter' was an option for people outside of the states. Although I could still run my own fundraising drive offering original art perhaps, what do you think?

Edit: I have an indiegogo page to help raise funds


nerd JERK said...

Not a bad idea to do original art work sales to raise money for a new computer. A lot of comic artists do that. I mean, I just bought a portrait of Bill Murray with flowers in his beard from Box Brown for $12 and was completely okay with that. :D

kim magee said...

That sucks anthony
it must be the week for it as mine is doing weird shit like suddenly turning itself off but the green light is still on??? gremlins perhaps hope someone something comes to your rescue soon but the computer for art fund raiser sounds like a goer
cheers kim

inkwinks said...

I have an old G4 you could borrow if you like. Not much of an offer I know - but it is a good Power Mac (I keep as a render beast). Let me know...and we'll work out how to get it to you.

awcomix said...

Set up a project over at indiegogo, http://www.indiegogo.com/Anthony-Woodward-comic-artist