9 May 2010


I have been meaning to make the announcement on here for my blog readers to say Heather and I are expecting, July 6th to be exact. I had half finished a one page comic announcing that but never got around to posting it.

In other news we are am moving house this week. It could not happen sooner with the winter fast approaching and our current house being comparable to a damp icebox.


nerd JERK said...

Congrats on both accounts! :D

Damp iceboxes aren't a great place to expect babies. ;)

Robin Cain said...

Congrats Anthony!!! That's awesome news. I hope the move goes smoothly!

awcomix said...

Thanks! The new place is smaller but newer with better heating

thismeanswaugh said...

Congratulations Anthony - can we expect lots of comics about nappy changing and stuff now?

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

I love your blog (the dot toner trickery is a godsend - I've been scanning in sheets of toner and using it as a fill pattern) and the way you've managed to adapt a blogger site to function as a 'proper' website. Am trying to do that myself, so may pester you for some tech secrets.

Jeope said...

Holy news item! Congratulations!

Matt said...

That's wonderful. Congrats, brother.