5 July 2010

Zines n stuff

Working at the State Library of Victoria with their zine collection has been a exposure to Austrlaian zines. I get to look through them all and figure when and where they were made and by who, which is not always easy, but it is fun. Cataloguing the zines made me realise even further the value of self publishing as an end in itself. A lot of the time self publishers (myself included) self publish with the aim of being discovered by a publisher, or in other words self publish as a means to being 'professionally' published. But I can see a real value in azine that is just itsown little thing not trying to be anything else, just zines being zines. If that makes sense.

I may be helping out with a new Australian comics collection, which is mainly being sourced from Minotaur comics in Melbourne; if you want your to be included send it into Minotaur with a note it is for the SLV collection, be sure to arrange stocking details with Minotaur if you have never stocked with them in the past.

After looking at the first box of comics that was purchased for the SLV I noticed there were large amounts of material missing and I wondered how I could help them fill in those gaps. I sent a call out for comickers to either donate a book to me or send it into Mintotaur. Which got me thinking about becoming a vendor to purchase the zines and sell them onto the SLV to help fill in the gaps.

Now it may sound convoluted but these two ideas about self publishing and becoming a vendor collided and made me want to start a zine/comic distro. It started when I got an overwhelming idea about a zine centre, I soon realised that I could not make a zine centre happen but I could make a zine distro happen. Furthermore it is an idea hat I have been toying with for a few years now, a way to promote all the great work that gets produced in Australia from disparate sources.

I may be crazy having this idea just one week before the birth of our new baby, but I can not get the idea out of my head. I will be building up some select stock at the moment from the comic artists I know personally to ask for work, and launching a website for it in a month or two.


Colin Tedford said...

It's like you are trying to give birth to something to keep up with her! :)

Good luck with the distro; it can be a bit of work, but also fairly satisfying.

DaveMahler said...

wow, this sounds like a really good idea! Just be sure you don't overload yourself, of course...good luck Anthony!

awcomix said...

Thanks for the support. I'm looking forward to setting it up. May be a month or two away