12 August 2010


I have been feeling down on myself for not drawing in these last few weeks but really it is only because we have a new baby in the house. Because I have stopped drawing, a lot of my doubts have started to resurface, and has been playing havoc with my mind.
Last week I chanced upon a talk by Mimmo Cozzolino at work last week, Mimmo is one of the founders of the design studio in the 1970's called 'All Australian Graffitti' who were heavily involved in the series of comics from Macmillan that I have been researching called Falcon comics. Aside from that point of interest he also shared a lot of interesting insights from his own artistic career. I probably got the most out of hearing him talk about trying not to doubt yourself and be confident in what you do. Simple advice but advice that is hard to take for most.
Just today I feel a little better about some of my future projects. I have a few different collaborations in the works which I am looking forward to. I am also working on a little story about the last month or so.


JoshM said...

I went through a period of inactivity right after my wife and I moved. It took almost a year for me to really get back to writing and drawing, and I definitely feel I'm doing much better work than I had been before.

So, you know, hang in there and keep at it! I'm looking forward to seeing more here.

awcomix said...

Thanks Josh. We also just moved so it's a double whammy!Drawing is ingrained in me to the point where if I don't draw I get depressed. I found this out when I had RSI in 2007. I'm feeling a little better now, I just need to stay focused on what i want to do and use this time to really asses where I'm going and what i need to get there

Matt said...

Balancing family and work and art is super, super difficult. Don't be so hard on yourself. It'll all come together.