9 October 2010

Looking back

a walk in the park and we spotted some geese coming into land
It is almost two years ago today that Heather and I moved back to Australia from Canada. Lately we have had an increasing yearning to be back in Canada and if we had the money we would most likely do just that.
It was with much sadness that we left Canada in the first place. We just felt we got the timing wrong and could not support ourselves financially in lifestyle we wanted. We made the decision to move back to Australia for a few years and retrain so that we could return to Canada one day and get work to support ourselves.
Fast forward two years to the present day and so far the plan is working out ok. I completed my Graduate Diploma in Library studies in 2009 and all going well I will commence Masters studies in Libraries next year; researching comics collections in libraries hopefully! We were also able to have a second child, which we felt we would not be able to do in Canada, which fulfilled our second goal of coming back.

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