10 October 2010


It has been a crazy couple of months as expected. The day Zoey was born I had an overwhelming feeling come over me that I had to give up drawing comics. It freaked me out in a way, but really I think it was just my mind preparing the mental space for a new baby in the house. Coming down of my comic drawing addiction has been tough and has put me through the wringer of self doubt.
Notice how I smudged the wet ink when erasing

Luckily more recently things at home are starting to settle into a more normal routine. I even drew two panels today (part of which pictured above), my comic muscles were very weak and sore.
I also wanted to let subscribers know that I am working on the third instalment of the four issue subscription. I do not want to say when it will be done other than I am working on it. If it takes any longer than a month or two then I will be contacting subscribers to ask if they are happy to wait, if not we can work something out.

If you had not guessed I am working on a digital version of 'This Town' that will be available for download shortly on a donation basis. It is always a challenge looking at old work and not coming up with a hundred reasons as to why it should be thrown out never to be seen again. There are a few minor edits I would like to make to 'This Town' and perhaps even another page or two thrown in to hopefully clarify what I now see as some hazy aspects of the storyline.

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