14 February 2011

Creative outputs

I am starting to get into the swing of full time work, however I am still finding it hard to do much else. The simplest of things like pay bills or pick up something important or needed from a store is so hard when you work in busines hours and can not make the post office or electronic stores. However I have always told myself that I never want to hear myself say that I work full time now and do not have time for art. Needless to say I still have the overwhelming desire to create and draw and I have been trying to release this energy in a few ways.

For example,

Photography- I was never really interested in analogue photography (And still not) but I love the flexibility of digital, the ability to play and experiment at no cost; except for the camera itself. I have been getting into using the instagram app that you can get for iPhone and I have been uploading the pictures to my flickr account.

Reading- Working at a library you see all kinds of cool and interesting books you have never heard of, and my imagination is getting sparked in all sorts of ways. I began an anthropology obsession which seems to be morphing into and evolution obsession; It seems I always have to always have some sort of obsessive topic to think about to keep my brain ticking.

Writing- I have been working on a writing project that has been taking of recently. I am wiring in a way that I never have before where I have developed characters and a concept and I am slowly building the world around it and the story further. It was meant to be a collaborative project with another writer which I am still hoping will happen. However I am just riding the wave of inspiration for now and seeing where it ends up.

Drawing- I have decided to change the way I approach drawing my comics, which I discussed in an earlier post. I had questions about my comic practice and directions I wanted to head which could not be answered or achieved by my current technique. As much as I was fond of it I felt something had to change. I have decided to go back to good old grey lead and put away the blue lead for now. I have made a plan to practice my pencil drawing and I have picked up a new sketch book for the purpose of trying to draw in it everyday(see some samples above). For now I am focusing on figures. I had forgotten the joy of sketching with pencil as I do not like the smudgy pencil effect after a few days of it sitting in the book. The decision to practice pencil came from reading the excellent book, 'The brain that changes itself' which leads me to,

The Brain- Again working in the library I was recommended this excellent Non-fiction book which I then listened to in audio book format. I would strongly recommend that every one should read this book and think really hard how it applies to them. A lot of what is in the book may seem like common knowledge, eg, use it or loose it, but may not know the science behind it and how it applies to us as individuals. It got me to thinking about the ways that artists can train their brains to be better artists. The number one way would be to actually draw, but I think there is potential for some other brain training exercise to be developed like memory and concentration exercises that would definitely aid drawing practice. I think the other key thing that an artist can get from the book is that the brain is more like a muscle than it is a computer. Learning and getting better at art is about training and reinforcing that training, not just theoretical principles that are easy to know and keep.