20 February 2011


Looking through some files in a sub folder I found one of the missing pages of artwork from the comic Z-Factor I wrote about last year. It still saddens me that I may never see the other pages or the colour work I did for them.


David Ano said...

Oh ... I am glad you found some of the pages.

Debbie Clandening said...

I'm glad too that you found some of your work. I hope you are able to find the rest.

awcomix said...

It's only one page out of around 5-6, but it was totally new to me seeing this page again ;)

Lumpen said...

This looks amazing! Did you say you lost the entire comic?

awcomix said...

Yep, I only have this page plus this other one in colour,
From memory I did 4-6 pages in full colour