11 April 2011

Nibs and old rope

Having recently received new inking nibs in the mail I have been very excited to try them out. In my head I can envision the ink flowing gloriously off the end of the nib effortlessly. Of course when I put pen to paper it does not exactly work that way.
For one thing I think nibs have to be broken in, secondly all new skills take time to learn, you have to get a feel for the nib and how it works. I also think there is another factor and that is the inking style you wish to go with. I have never been one to deliberately focus on style and i think doing so is detrimental to your final artwork, but the catch is that there has to be some sort of style that grows out of a approach or mentality, even if that is 'no-style'.
I think the best way to find style is to first find the tools that suit how you work and then just draw as much as possible with that tool until a natural style emerges.

The image above is a pencil sketch that I did in 2009 and just inked recently. The idea was to create a weird family portrait. Originally made for an art installation in Albury, however I ended up going with drawings of people walking around town.

Lately I have realised that I'm a bad blogger, as I forget to make follow up posts to things I mention I'm doing or working on. To make up for this I'm going to post the photo's from the art installation mentioned above.


After writing this I proceeded to use a nib to ink a large comic for a anthology submission, and I was really pleased with the results. I still have some room to improve but I can see how I could develop my technique further. I will be posting some process pictures of the comic soon.


Matt said...

New nibs are always a lot of fun and frustration. Looks great, though!

awcomix said...

Thanks Matt, I will be uploading some more soon

David Ano said...

It never works that way.

Congrats on getting your art displayed in an art expo. Is that painted directly on the wall? Would be awesome if they kept it like that forever.