22 June 2011

Day 22

This is the start of a new comic looking at the possibility of intelligent life in the universe. The text for this one would be something like, "If there's one question that plagues me...when will we get confirmation of other intelligent life in the universe?"


David Ano said...

I have no doubt that there is life in the universe. I believe that there is life within our own galaxy. Intelligent life is harder. Watching the news, I sometimes doubt there is intelligent life on this earth.

The problem is that if we ever get a message from outerspace, by the time it gets to us they will be long dead (or perhaps we will be long dead). I will keep searching. SETI @ Home is running as I type.

awcomix said...

My belief as I will discuss over the next few days is that the universe is so unfathomably and immensely huge then not only is there life out there, but close to an infinite variety of life.

I'm going to try and explore some of the theories around the concept without getting to carried away; lest I start talking about our lizard overlords or something