4 July 2011

June Project wrap up

I enjoyed undertaking the 30 days project during the moth of June. I was in a real need of a kick start with m art practice after a busy year of family and work commitments taking over. I set myself the goal of drawing and colouring one comic panel each day during the previous month. Some days I posted a photo instead and other days I was unable and or limited in how I could colour the panels. I plan to compile the panels into a full colour comic that I will be offering digitally. I really appreciated the comments and tweets over the period of the project as it gave me some good insights into what was working and what wasn't.

To conclude the project I would like to ask readers to post a comment/tweet on their favourite entry if they haven't already and for your effort I'll keep you in mind when I finish the comic and send you a free digital copy.




adi said...

Day 29. It's a simple graphic with such and interesting back story. For some reason I kept coming back to this. And nice work with the Undead.

awcomix said...

Thanks Adi! That panel took ages to draw all those trees! I'll put you down on the list for a free digital copy


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zack! empire said...

i like the one with the people running up the old shitty road. it's nice because they blend so well into the picture that you can't really see them unless you look at it.