16 April 2012


Around a year ago I half heartedly joined the website reddit for a class lesson on social news and bookmarking sites like delicious, digg etc. I submitted a link to reddit test it out, I didn't much like the look of it, and later when I tried to submit another link it said I'd submitted enough links for one day. A little bit miffed and bemused I never really looked at again until months later.

Once I did go back for a second look I realised that I had not really experienced reddit at all and I began to fall in love with visiting it everyday and browsing links. Then after using it like this for months on end I started to actually get how reddit worked as it's actually comprised of many 'subreddits' and the best post in these main subreddit get pushed to reddit's front page, I began to explore it even further.

What I'm really getting at it that I eventually realised any one can create a 'subreddit' about anything they wish. I then naturally wanted to create one on Australian comics. I didn't want to dive in all on my own though and have the thing fizzle out, and so I invited a few others to join in. I envision it as a place where a lot of separate but related threads on the topic of Australian comics can come together for anyone to explore.

Here it is!

So far it's a small crowd and theres only a few links on there but I encourage you to give reddit a try and come on over and subscribe to my little subreddit, auscomics

-Reddit is a linking site where users can submit links, vote content up or down
-Users can even comment on those links and also vote up or down on those comments
-Reddit consist of 'Subreddits', when you join you are automatically joined to the 20 main subreddits
-You can unsubscribe and subscribe to any subreddits you wish




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