28 October 2012

Sketchbook Comix Series

Starting in 2009 I started a 4 issue comic series called ‘Sketchbook Comix’. Each each had a number and a subtitle. I had planned to bring out the 4 comics over a series of six months. The first two came out in a timely fashion, the third one took a little while longer, but the fourth and final issue has taken 2 years to come out! These past two years have been a busy time for me and our family and have seen lots of changes, adding Zoey to our family, gaining full time work (In which my job title has changed twice), moving to a different city. Part of me looks back in amazement at the old me that was able to draw so much, and whilst I realise you cannot live in the past I’m hoping that I can one day get back to a good drawing routine.

Sketchbook Comix no.1: 'Good to Go'
Sketchbook Comix no.2: 'Stupidity Tries'
Sketchbook Comix no.3: 'In the Lost & Found'
Sketchbook Comix no.4: 'Rose Parade'

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