7 April 2013

Sketch Book Comix Series Issues 1-4

Good to Go free ebook comic Stupidity Tries free ebook comic In the Lost & Found free ebook comic Rose Parade free ebook comic

Click on any of the covers above to download each of the four issues of my Sketchbook Comix series, 'Good to Go','Stupidity Tries', 'In the Lost & Found', and 'Rose Parade'. The eBooks are in PDF format and can be read on any computer or mobile device such as an iPad. Each issue is a collection of my daily journal comics drawn in between 2008-2010; With some additional material added as an epilogue. The first three issues also have guest artwork by Chris Downes, Mandy Ord, and David Collier.

I have been putting off getting these online as I have not been able to decide if I should sell them or offer them for free. Why not both I thought? I figure if you want to read them then you can have them here at no cost, and no restrictions or DRM etc, under a Creative Comons license as described below.

I have given the opportunity to donate if you wish, a pay what you will type deal. Just click on the 'Dough-Nate' button to leave a donation.

However there are lots of ways you could do to show your appreciation if you feel so inclined,

-Leave a comment in this post
-Tweet, share, link, post about these comics
-Email me and let me know what you thought

Thanks and happy reading!

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Anonymous said...

Thank You.
I love your comics!

awcomix said...

Wows thanks Skullyflower, good to hear from you again. I hope you are well, and thanks for your donation.