22 September 2013

Wordless comics

Part 1 of my comic response to Chris Downes and how I upset him three years ago at a comic workshop. We also have a collaboration comic on the same topic which we should be able to share soon. Two facts to keep in mind, 1- I think wordless comics are indeed comics (and have value like any other comic), 2- Chris Downes and I are friends.


dberona said...

As the author of Wordless Books and many articles on wordless comics, I hear this often...and you have captured the scene beautifully! I always point critics to work by Eric Drooker, Peter Kuper, Thomas Ott, Vincent Fortemps, Frederic Coche, Anna Sommer, Henderik Dorgathen, Jason, Jim Woodring, Sara Varon....and ask them if I should continue with my list, at which point they meekly shut up!

awcomix said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah I'm a huge fan of Drooker and Kuper. I'm shaming myself in the comic for not expressing myself clearly. My main mistake was that i was trying to say two different things at once which came out sounding completely wrong. I hope the comics fixes that up to some degree.