24 July 2015

Desperately need new sketchbooks

HELP!! I'm on the last few pages of my very last sketchbooks! I need help trying to locate where to buy my favourite sketchbook from Australia.

They are from a company called 'x-Press Graph-x', you see these in most Australian art stores. The thing is that they make a variety of sizes and paper thicknesses, and only their Australian made ones use consistent decent paper. The good ones usually have a ribbed black plastic front cover with a stiff card back and say Australian made on the cover sticker. The ones I'm looking for are the A5 110gsm variety, either in 30 or 60 pages.

 I looked into ordering them from here:


but the postage was going to be $30 just for a few $3 books. Maybe I'll end up getting them from here but I thought I might be able to find a friend that can source them for me with more reasonable postage. Any advice on a good mail order art store that may have these in stock, or if you live near a store that stocks them and would be happy to pick them up and have me reimburse you.

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