Imagined Mysteries

This comic explores my thoughts and feelings after the passing of Leonard Nimoy earlier in the year. I immediately felt inspired to try and explain what Nimoy’s portrayal of the TV character Spock meant to me and how I felt he fit into the cultural landscape.

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George Bloop

Is a 10 page comic I recently completed. After posting it here and getting some great feedback I have decided to add some extra pages in the hope of expanding the story to make the characters more meaningful and explain them a little better.

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This Town

I have been wanting to offer my comic book, ‘This Town’ as a digital download for ages now, and I have finally gotten around to doing it. I will have it here free for a short time. If you enjoy it consider leaving a donation, which you can do by clicking the donut donation picture in the footer.

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Sketchbook Comix Series 1-4

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You can find all my books on Gumroad.